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Wooden Flooring

INDIANA offers wooden flooring in all three formats that is LAMINATED, ENGINEERED AND SOLID WOOD DECK FLOORING. We also offer complete installation services by our team of experts. Our laminated flooring comes from Europe and is AC3 and AC4 Grade. Wooden flooring suppliers, exporters and manufacturers in Mumbai, India to entire world with durability, quality, safety and reliability.

Solid deck flooring is available in timbers like JAVA Teak, Tamarind and Ipe. Deck Flooring is commonly used as outdoor flooring areas such as terraces, balconies, swimming pools and many more. These deck flooring are known for their easy installation, easy removal, abrasion resistant, can withstand extreme weather conditions, durability and wear and tear resistance


  • Optimum strength
  • Fire retardant
  • Fine finish